Vehiclex Heavy Duty Ratchet Strap – 4400 lb BS 1.5″ x 8 ft – (4PK Green)

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PREMIUM QUALITY ? The durable 1 1/2 inch wide strap with a break strength of 4400 lbs keeps your cargo safe.



4 ratchet straps, working length – 8 ft
4 soft loops – 18 inches long
4400 lb break strength
100% polyester strap
Reinforced stitch pattern
Lockable release mechanism
Full bent closed S-hook with a clip

A safe solution – offering you peace of mind when securing your heavy loads.
A road-tested cargo tie down straps provide reliable control over your loads. We designed a safe and more efficient alternative to cheap ratcheting straps, ropes and other methods of securing cargo. Use the heavy duty multipurpose Vehiclex RATCHET STRAPS to safely secure small or large cargo or equipment during transport even on rough, bumpy roads.
The pack includes 4 tie-down loops as a bonus. They are widely used with motorcycles and other motorized vehicles. These soft loops prevent scratches and damage to vehicle frames by the strap hook end. They also let you use your tie down strap with applications where the hook will not fit.

Webbing diamond stitch pattern is reinforced by extra zigzag stitching. This increases joint strength compared to other straps with simplified stitching patterns. And it gives you an extra safety margin to account for any additional forces and strains on the strap.
Webbing made of thick and high-tenacity polyester provides strength and minimizes stretch, so the tie down retains its durability and remains reliable every time you need it. Ratchet incorporates comfort for fingers through rubberized handle and has a lockable spring-loaded release mechanism which protects the ratchet against accidental opening. Full bent closed S-hook prevents slipping from the anchor point. Vinyl-coated hooks are highly durable and won’t rust or mar painted surfaces.

They can be used with:
ATV, UTV, RTV, Dirt Bike, Quad, Motorcycle, Scooter, Jet Ski, Canoe, Boat, Kayak.
Motorcycle Hauler, Cargo Hitch Mount

Additional information

Weight 9.75 lbs
Dimensions 12.2 × 6.9 × 5.6 in