Vehiclex is a small company that started in 2016. Our small team works hard to make the most useful, highest quality products for our customers. We want you to have the best experience possible with Vehiclex products. As we design and test in depth all our products, we are sure they are the very best available.

Our support team will provide you with any questions you may have on getting the best from your products. Whether you found any product performs not as expected, let us know. The package delivered not in its original condition or with items missing? Message us and we’ll be happy to resolve this issue for you fast.

We provide a safe and more efficient alternative to cheap tie-down straps, ropes, and other methods of securing and hauling cargo. Industrial-grade straps give you reliable control over your loads, which leads to confidence and peace of mind. We want to make sure your equipment gets to where it needs to be – safely and comfortably.