Vehiclex Soft Loop Motorcycle Tie Down Straps 1.5 x 18 inches – Green – 10000 lb 4 Pk

$16.00 $13.95

PREMIUM QUALITY – Durable and weather-resistant green polyester webbing with a strong stitch pattern provides reliable and long-lasting performance for all your moving, towing and hauling


The pack includes 4 tie-down loops intended to be used with ratchet straps and other secured trailering gear. Vehiclex wide and strong soft loops prevent scratches and damage to vehicle frames by the strap hook end. They also let you use your tie down strap with applications where the hook will not fit.

Webbing is reinforced by zigzag stitch. This increases joint strength compared to other straps with simplified stitching patterns. And it gives you an extra safety margin to account for any additional forces and strains on the strap.

Webbing made of thick and high-tenacity polyester provides strength and minimizes stretch, so the tie down retains its durability and remains reliable every time you need it.

They can be used with:
ATV, UTV, RTV, Dirt Bike, Quad, Motorcycle, Scooter, Jet Ski, Canoe, Boat, Kayak.
Motorcycle Hauler, Roof Bag, Cargo Hitch Mount, Roof Top Cross Bars.
Safety’s what matters most. Vehiclex Ratchet Tie Downs is the perfect solution you can rely on to keep cargo firmly and safely fixed all the way, no matter where you’re going or what you’re moving. Vehiclex ratchet strap tie down designed to fasten heavier loads