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Vehiclex 4 Pack 2″ x 10′ Wheel Tie Down Straps with Flat Hooks – 11023 lbs BS Ratchet Straps – Ultimate Car Tie Down Straps for Trailers

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  • EASY TO USE: The ratchet makes it easy to tighten and release the wheel straps, while the flat hooks allow quick and reliable attachment to your trailer’s side rail or stake pocket.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Suitable for use with a wide range of vehicles including cars, trucks, SUVs, UTVs, vans, and more.
  • SECURE HAULING: Flat hooks and ratchet mechanisms ensure a tight and secure fit for trailers and flatbeds, keeping your vehicle in place during transportation.
  • SAFE TO HANDLE: The lasso-style tire strap tie downs prevent damage to the body or suspension of the vehicle.
  • DURABLE AND RELIABLE: trailer straps with true 11023 lbs of breaking strength, 2 inches-wide lasso straps with an O-ring, protective sleeve, and extra stitching come for the ultimate tie-down solution.





Looking for safe and reliable car tie down straps for trailers? Vehiclex lasso tire straps provide a secure hold on your vehicle during transport, minimizing the risk of damage or accidents.

Featuring a 11023 lbs breaking strength, these heavy duty trailer tie downs are built to handle even the toughest loads. Professional-grade ratchets with large handles and short 18-inch ratchet sides are easy to operate. Plus, our lasso straps are versatile and adjustable, making them suitable for a wide range of tire sizes and vehicle types.

Vehiclex trailer straps are made from high-quality polyester webbing, ensuring they can withstand the harshness of long-distance transportation. The reinforced stitch pattern provides added security for car hauling.

Flat hook ratchet straps can easily snag onto a trailer’s side rail or stake pocket to create a solid and reliable connection. They help prevent the hooks from coming undone when you hit an unexpected bump in the road.

10 feet lasso straps fit a wide range of tire sizes while ensuring that the vehicle is tightly secured to the trailer or flatbed truck. The smooth surface of the O-ring and the padded sleeve protect the webbing and minimize vehicle rim damage.

We stand behind the quality and reliability of our straps, which have been rigorously tested to provide a secure hold during transport. Vehiclex wheel tie down straps come in a convenient pack of four, providing enough straps to secure a full-size vehicle with ease. A carry bag is big enough to store the product neat and tidy.

Unbeatable Quality, Fair Price – Our Promise to You!

At Vehiclex we believe that top quality should come at a fair price. We can offer this because we are a small US company that doesn’t spend a lot of money on marketing and large staff but works hard to improve quality and optimize production.  By cutting out the middlemen, optimizing production, and negotiating good deals, we pass the savings on to you without compromising on quality. As proof of our quality, we offer a long-term guarantee, openly display the results of all our laboratory tests and you can read our customer reviews.

What is the shipping time?

For FREE Standard Shipping most orders will be received within 3-6 business days of purchase (excluding HI and AK). “Expedited” or “Priority” shipping may be available at an additional cost. Please see the final fees at the checkout page. For more information check Shipping Policy.

What is your return/refund policy?

Our utmost priority is to ensure your complete satisfaction! We strive for you to enjoy and appreciate our products. In the rare event that you are not pleased, simply return the item and we will gladly provide you with a refund. For more information check Return/Refund Policy

How do I contact your company if I have a question?

You can send us an email to [email protected] or send us a message via the contact form. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

Do you have proof of the quality of your products?

Yes. We test all our products in labs. All information about a break strength that we show on our site are results that we got through our tests. If you want to see documentation of tests, contact us and we gladly send all documentation to you.


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  1. D

    One of the best lock the car down on my trailer

  2. P

    strong wheel tie downs
    This is a nice set of wheel tie down straps. The webbing in nice and tight and feels really strong. You can tell that they are made from quality materials. I have not had to use them yet, but they will be useful when I need to transport any vehicle on my trailer. If you need wheel straps, you should try these – I really believe they will be great.

  3. E

    well made
    Very good straps! They ratchet well and hold tight. 10/10

  4. P

    Easy to use
    The Vehiclex 4 Pack 2″ x 10′ Wheel Tie Down Straps with Flat Hooks are a must-have for anyone transporting vehicles or hauling trailers. These tie-down straps are designed to secure your wheels and provide ultimate car tie-down support. With a breaking strength of 11023 lbs, these ratchet straps offer exceptional strength and durability. The 2″ width ensures a secure and stable hold, while the 10′ length provides ample room for various wheel sizes. The flat hooks make it easy to attach the straps to trailers or other anchor points. Whether you’re transporting cars, motorcycles, or other vehicles, these tie-down straps provide the peace of mind and security you need. The Vehiclex 4 Pack 2″ x 10′ Wheel Tie Down Straps are a reliable and essential tool for safe and secure vehicle transportation.

  5. P

    Better Than The Ones I Already Have
    I have used these types of tie downs for a number of years already. The set I have for my side by side atv is at least a decade old and getting ratty. When this kit popped up I snagged it. Before strapping anything down with a new set of tie downs, chains, etc…. I inspect them really well.This set is a good set. The ratchets, although a touch light in the handle, are absolutely adequate for the job at hand and the working load limit. They are very well made and operated perfectly and smoothly both in and out. The straps themselves are high quality and assembled correctly. The rings are BIG, Stiff and good quality. The slip collars (protective sleeves) are also high quality and will positively do the job they are intended to do. Lastly…. the nice carry case. My current set didn’t come with a carry case….. this set does and I will use it too. Truly well made carry case.My one little niggle and the reason they lost a star…….. Their advertisement PUMPS 11,023 pounds as their capability with no mention of the real load limits. They show “BS” in the weight statements which stands for Breaking Strength but the 11,023 pounds BS is not even close to reality. The real working capacity for each strap is 3,674 pounds, 1/4 of the “BS.”. I find this to be deceptive advertising and they lose a star for this action. If they mentioned both the BS and the WLL in the same statement…. I’d have no issues. But they don’t.As note, I have not yet used this set but will in a month’s time or so. If there is anything noteworthy at that time I will come back and update this review.Meanwhile….. (deceptive advertising and all)……………. I HIGHLY recommend the …… Vehiclex 4 Pack 2″ x 10′ Wheel Tie Down Straps

Additional information

Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 11 × 6 in

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