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How to Secure a Motorcycle for Transport

Riding the motorcycle to the destination or transporting it via a truck? We will always choose the former, but at times, this is not possible. To transport the motorcycle from one place to another, you need to get it up a ramp and into the vehicle. The next part, the tying down of the motorcycle, is the most important one. You don’t want your precious bike to move around in the back of the truck and get damaged, now do you?

With the help of good-quality ratchet straps, you can make sure that you get your motorcycle transported easily.

Using Tie-downs for transporting a motorcycle properly

How you use tie-downs to secure your motorcycle depends on the type of bike you own. However, regardless of the model of the bike, it is a good idea to use the frame of the bike as the attachment point. 

You can use two straps at the front and two straps on either side of the bike. If you want to further secure your bike, you can use two straps at the back as well. 

Spots for attaching the straps

A couple of good spots for attaching the straps to the bike are:

  • The base of the handlebars
  • Points that are attached to the frame
  • Front Wheel
  • Rear Wheel

It is important that you know that the rear bag guards are not strong attachment points since they can be easily pulled off. Moreover, even though a few people think that it is okay to tie down the straps at the end of the handlebars, we don’t recommend it. This is because some handlebars have rubber mounts on them that can compress and cause your bike to slip.

The angle between the bike and the straps

An angle of 45° between the motorcycle and the tie-downs maximizes the load distribution and minimizes the risk of damage to the bike. Ensure that the bike is upright and doesn’t sway while you are moving. 

A 4-point tie-down is enough for most motorcycles. However, if you want additional security, or if your bike is heavier, then you can get 6-point or even 8-point tie-down straps. 

Attaching the straps correctly

Make sure that your truck or trailer is as level as possible. Once you are sure, attach the tie-downs to the floor of the truck or the frame loops, and extend them. Get the bike up the ramp and into the truck. Attach the front tie-downs first and then attach the side ones. In the end, hook the back tie-downs with your bike.

You can also form a soft loop with the tie-down around the triple tree and then tie it with two ratchet straps. 

Get a Fork Saver

There are various accessories that can keep your bike in perfect shape while transporting it. Fork saver is one such gadget that will make the transportation of your bike an easy and smooth process. With the help of a fork saver, you can protect the springs and seals of your bike during transport.

Movement and fork compression is prevented with the help of fork support or fork saver. Therefore, this is something you should definitely give a look at when you are thinking of transporting your precious motorcycle.

Final Word

With the help of the right ratchet straps, you can easily tie down your bike. Make sure that the weight of the bike is evenly distributed and that it is standing upright. The straps should be tight, taut, and firm. However, if you are wrapping them through the wheels, it is not a good idea to over-tighten them.