Vehiclex Bungee Cords with Hooks 32 pcs Set – Canopy Ties, Tarp Clips & Ball Bungees with Storage Case, Heavy Duty Plastic Coated Hooks

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EXTENDED TIE-DOWNS KIT. All-in-one set covering your indoor and outdoor applications. 32 pieces kit for use in your house, garden, car, trailer, camping or travelling. HEAVY DUTY BUNGEE CORDS WITH HOOKS. Steel core hook with UV-resistant plastic coating for secure grip and safe use. Strong and elastic cords with double braided polypropylene cover & latex rubber core. MULTIPLE SIZES AND USES. The assortment is helpful to fasten varied size loads. The kit contains 4 different types of tie-downs in various sizes for packing, storing, fastening and moving stuff. CAM BUCKLE STRAPS for transporting fragile or lightweight cargo on a roof rack. A strap pair of a perfect length to secure kayaks or light luggage to rack.


Portable 32 pcs kit for every need

14 reinforced bungee cords with hooks
2 cam buckle straps
6 bungee balls
6 mini cords
4 tarp clips
Carrying bag

Assorted bungee cords with hooks

8 mm bungee cords with heavy-duty hooks and color-coded length:

Yellow – 2 pcs x 40″
Green – 2 pcs x 32″
Red – 4 pcs x 26″
Blue – 6 pcs x 18″

Cam Buckle Tie Down Straps

Each strap is 1 inch wide and 8.2 foot long which is optimal for securing kayaks, canoe, sup boards and other lightweight luggage.

Multifunctional outdoor or indoor use

Essential kit for transportation, camping life as well as for the organized kitchen, garden, garage, office, trailer, and car.

Bonus: 4 crocodile mouth tarp clips

A great addition to bungee cords. Make a 5-minute shelter with a tarp, bungees, and clips to hide from rain or sun in any adventure.