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Vehiclex Off-Road Recovery Kit 3″ x 20′ – 35000 lbs – Off Road Snatch Strap, High Visibility Industrial Grade Webbing, Protective Sleeves – 2 Heavy Duty D-Ring Shackles with Isolators – Storage Bag

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  • A multi purpose tow recovery strap for safe rescue of a vehicle from ditches, snow and mud, for tree log and stump extraction.
  • Wide, 20 ft long and thick strap with a lab tested 37976 lbs break strength is suited for extreme applications and heavy vehicles.
  • A highly visible & reflective strap for working in dark or dim conditions.
  • Triple reinforced eye loops & protective sleeves enhance security over the long haul.
  • Extra safe D-ring shackles with electro-galvanized coating and silicon bumper protectors.

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Vehiclex multi-use strap

A less stretchy strap allows towing a disabled vehicle with maximum control. Our superior straps designed for hauling a disabled vehicle and to quickly and safely pull a vehicle out of mud, sand or snow. The tow strap is made with eye loops at the end, which will reduce the risk of injuring bystanders or towing vehicles. The color of the Vehiclex tow strap is highly visible in daytime, nighttime, or twilight.

Safe, b and durable Vehiclex straps made from high-quality industrial-grade webbing. These durable, waterproof and UV-resistant straps provide superb performance. Our straps are easy to clean which keeps them in working condition for years.

Reinforced eye loops

Triple reinforced eye loops resist the high tension and wear at attachment points. Large eyes allow easy and quick connection with D-ring shackles and hitch pins. Neoprene sleeves provide extra protection to edges and stitching.

Handy bag and velcro loops

You can always have your stuff neat, tidy and ready to use in extreme situations. Sturdy and safe shackles

A pair of ¾ inches diameter shackles withstand any load. Strengthened D-ring shackles have an electro-galvanized coating to resist corrosion. The red silicone isolator eliminates noise and protects the bumper finish from damage.

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